100X is a venture capital fund primarily targeting value-add ventures across Africa. Part of our strategy is to leverage our relationships with major international companies and the marketplace on behalf of our portfolio companies.

We invest in growing companies early and provide the hands-on-approach to resources through a built-in advisory arm with business and enterprise development specialists rather than the connection driven, hands-off-approach that currently exists presently in the majority of funds. This lowers risk significantly as it gives us more visibility into company operations, allowing us to help course-correct if there are internal challenges.

The 100x collective has been operating across the African continent for the past decade. As part of his involvement, the General Partner brings an operating team he has worked with since 2008. He and his team have a very high-profile throughout Africa, having founded the first tech/innovation hub in Africa and a network of such hubs that now extends to 90 African cities, 30+ African countries, and 20+ African Universities. Their collective efforts have attracted the financial backing of the U.S. Department of State, billionaire Pierre Omidyar, The World Bank, World Economic Forum, the United Nations, Google and many others.