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Stock to flow model shows a significant buying opportunity following the April 2021 BTC local top (head fake). Many influencers incorrectly viewed the BTC market manipulation and following FUD as setup for a bear market, some proposing that the local top was the BTC market cycle peak which is not supported by the stock to flow model. The resulting short squeeze liquidated retail investors who believed the cycle top had been achieved in April.
Latest Crypto Fear & Greed Index
Pi Cycle Top indicator for Bitcoin shows a cross but a rapid reversal which indicates a consolidation phase prior to continuing higher similar to the behavior of the dual peak in 2013.
Zoomed in image of the Pi Cycle Top indicator rapid reversal following the second peak. Yellow under green, profits like we’ve never seen.
2013 dual cycle peak showing the same rapid reversal of the Pi Cycle Top indicator loading up for the secondary peak. Please note the first peak yellow under green (profits like we’ve never seen) followed by the cross and then a reversal back to yellow under green (profits like we’ve never seen) loading up for the next peak at the end of the year.